Xyra Accessories

XYRA Accessories has a wide range of fashion accessories and clothing for everyone. 

You will find beautiful handmade clip-on earrings, hair bows, hair ties and clips for little girls, teens and even for adults made by myself. 

We also have fashion jewelry like earrings, brooches and necklaces for weddings, special occasions and for every day wear.

Our handwoven handbags are uniquely designed and carefully crafted by skilled creative artisans.

We do our best to find the finest products locally and from around the globe.

We are continually developing new designs and new line of products for our customers.

We are happy to provide you with affordable quality fashion clothing and accessories for all occasions.

We welcome suggestions/ideas from our customers and can do customize orders to fit your needs.

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Frozen Elsa & Anna Shirt

Frozen Elsa & Anna Shirt

$18.00 $21.00

Hair ties in a box
Hair Ties-Plain Colours
Happy Easter Hair Ties
Heart Clip-on Earrings

Heart Clip-on Earrings

$15.00 $19.00

Pack of 5 Hair Ties

Pack of 5 Hair Ties

$8.00 $9.00

Pearl Clip-on Earrings
Round Polymer Clay Studs
Unicorn Clip-on Earrings
Xmas Hair Ties
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