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Blog entries from the one and only, The Hive NZ

These can be - and are likely to be - about business. In particular small business in New Zealand.

Our experiences, our advice, our thoughts and sometimes you might even come across a rant or two ;)

We've also created some sub folders so you can find product reviews much easier as well as our guest bloggers and business tips.

Patience in business
When running a small business patience is something you will need on a very regular basis. In this blog post we cover the main ways your patience will be challenged by time.
Menstrual Cups, a review
Menstrual Cups! The “new aged” menstrual blood catchers! Good for the environment, good for your health and great for the wallet they say! Or are they? This blog highlights a new "cupper's" first impressions and experience.
The emotional start of your first year
So you are thinking about starting a business.. or you just started one... Now what?! First off - don't panic - and secondly; you've come to the right place! Below more info on steps we think you should take to have a well balanced EMOTIONAL start to your business.
Finding your business feet for 2018
When planning a new year for your business, whether you have been working hard for a few years or you've only just started a small business - you will find more clarity and focus. This blog post will give you tips on how to start planning
My review of MisFit's online fitness/habit changer program
My main goal was to at least move a little every day...we have a little bit of gym equipment at home so I picked to go on our excercycle for at least 15mins each day. But overall; just live healthier and move more.
10 top tips on how to handle keyboard warriors as a business owner
Your online reputation as a business can make or break your business - and yes, this goes for blog writers too. Writing a blog, getting sponsored for certain content IS having a business. This blog post will give you 10 tangible things to do, it will highlight the do's and don'ts of online behaviour in response to negativity.
5 things to get you started in branding your business
Getting your business out there, recognised at a glance by your ideal customer, is the goal for most small business owners. It's all well and good to want this but how do you get there? Branding is one of the big factors at play, read here about 5 things you need to start doing now
The Hive NZ - and what we are about
If you have been wondering what The Hive NZ is really all about then this blog post will help you understand it. It's also a great read for people that already know us as you'll be able to read a bit more about our why.
In the research for the next few blog posts, some already knowns were confirmed for me but possibly not for you. The goal of this string of blog posts will be to help, answer, educate, transform and challenge you - whether you ARE already a small business owner or whether you are thinking of starting one up.
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