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We love buying products by our sellers or elsewhere and we love reviewing them.

The reviews you can find here are honest reviews by our admin team or customers with a talent for writing!

We aim for super honest reviews and there is no financial gain with any of the products we review - nobody has been told what to write apart from us asking them to be super honest.

Not only will we strive to give you an idea about products you're buying but we aim to entertain you too.

Menstrual Cups, a review
Menstrual Cups! The “new aged” menstrual blood catchers! Good for the environment, good for your health and great for the wallet they say! Or are they? This blog highlights a new "cupper's" first impressions and experience.
My review of MisFit's online fitness/habit changer program
My main goal was to at least move a little every day...we have a little bit of gym equipment at home so I picked to go on our excercycle for at least 15mins each day. But overall; just live healthier and move more.
Reusable Pads - a review
A review on Woohoo Nana’s products and a bit of a laugh at my expense! Be warned, content about urinary incontinence & some offensive language – not everyone’s “cup of tea”
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