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"I  will be taking you on a journey, our journey, from the beginnings of  buying and farming alpacas, through to their care, shearing, breeding, our new babies, the ups and downs of owning alpacas, what one can be done with the fleece;  including, spinning and dyeing. 

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You may ask….Why would anyone want to farm alpacas. Let me take you on a journey, our journey, starting 5 years ago this December.
That first summer with alpacas
Knowledge is key to success in anything in life, so it is with learning to farm alpacas! We learnt a few things, the hard way.
Facial Eczema In Alpacas
Often the first symptom of the disease facial eczema in alpaca, is "sudden death", (Dr Geoff Neal of Manawatu Veterinary Service).
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