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The Hive NZ - and what we are about
If you have been wondering what The Hive NZ is really all about then this blog post will help you understand it. It's also a great read for people that already know us as you'll be able to read a bit more about our why.
Finding your business feet for 2018
When planning a new year for your business, whether you have been working hard for a few years or you've only just started a small business - you will find more clarity and focus. This blog post will give you tips on how to start planning
That first summer with alpacas
Knowledge is key to success in anything in life, so it is with learning to farm alpacas! We learnt a few things, the hard way.
In the research for the next few blog posts, some already knowns were confirmed for me but possibly not for you. The goal of this string of blog posts will be to help, answer, educate, transform and challenge you - whether you ARE already a small business owner or whether you are thinking of starting one up.
Babes + Picnics Hawke's Bay
Babes + Picnics is a first of it's kind initiative which brings mums and their babes together once a month for a picnic style gathering.
The emotional start of your first year
So you are thinking about starting a business.. or you just started one... Now what?! First off - don't panic - and secondly; you've come to the right place! Below more info on steps we think you should take to have a well balanced EMOTIONAL start to your business.
Menstrual Cups, a review
Menstrual Cups! The “new aged” menstrual blood catchers! Good for the environment, good for your health and great for the wallet they say! Or are they? This blog highlights a new "cupper's" first impressions and experience.
You may ask….Why would anyone want to farm alpacas. Let me take you on a journey, our journey, starting 5 years ago this December.
Nix Dungeon Tutorial - Skull Lamp
I've had a lot of you asking "how did you do that" with a lot of my little boredom buster projects. So I decided to show you this one from start to finish so you too can have a go! This is a really easy but super effective lamp to make yourself!
Shampoo by the Bar
Solid shampoo bars are the way of the future.....environmentally friendly, promote healthy hair and scalp, travel with ease, economical
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