Welcome to Squoodles: NZ’s favourite online toy shop!
Since 2013 we have been proud to provide a fun online experience, providing high quality, reasonably priced wooden educational toys
to both Early Childhood Centres and Kiwi families alike.

Your #1 Wooden Toy Specialist!
We love wooden products due to their longevity, and being educational, of high quality and competitively priced is a must at Squoodles.
Our goal is that YOUR children are able to pass down their toys to THEIR kids, just like we have with ours.
We’re bringing back the good old days of toys to Kiwi kids and we’re loving every moment.
We have a lot of fun sourcing products both from New Zealand and Overseas.
We’ve found items just a little bit different that are fun, yet practical and well-priced.

Shop Local - Support Local
Squoodles is a NZ owned, family run business based in the foothills of the Waitakere ranges in West Auckland.

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Construction 3-Piece Set
Construction Dinner Set
Garden Fairy 3-Piece Set
Garden Fairy Dinner Set
Kiwiana Wood Knob Puzzle
Natural Rhythm Sticks
Natural Wood Castanet
Natural Wood Cylinder
Natural Wood Hand Bells
Natural Wood Jingle Bell
Natural Wood Sound Tube
Natural Wood Tambourine
Natural Wood Tambourine 8
Natural Wooden Clapper
Natural Wooden Egg Maraca
Natural Wooden Harmonica
Natural Wooden Maraca
NZ Animals Memory Game
NZ Heads & Tails Matching
NZ Native Bird Blocks
NZ Road Trip Bingo
Wooden 15-key Xylophone
Wooden 8-key Xylophone
Wooden Cymbal Shaker
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