• Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium Oil 

An excellent aid to help sleep, eases muscle aches and pains, gives energy and focus, boosts magnesium levels as most of us are deficient in this.

Currently it has helped users with fibro, scoliosis, period pain, back pain, arthritis, sport injury, insomnia and anxiety. 

Many have also used it on kids with growing pains and restless legs at night for both the young and old.

You spray a few sprays on the arms in the morning and tops of feet at night, you can also spray it on sore areas like achey legs, the back of the neck for headaches or even before and after sport.

There may be an itchy/tingly sensation, this is normal and occurs because you may be magnesium deficient and your skin isn't used to it. 

If this occurs then I recommend to wait a few minutes, then wipe off if it continues. You can also water the solution down if it happens often (this is rare)

It may leave a sticky residue, this is also normal, just wipe off after 30mins 

Use everyday for full effectiveness

Small - 50ml

large - 200ml

Tracked post is included in the price, within 5 days (postal service depending)

*not for medicinal or pharmaceutical use

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Magnesium Oil Spray

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