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Sometimes you just don't have the right words to make the impact you want ... that's where our sweary cuffs come in!

Choose your favourite sweary cuff - add the details at checkout what you would like stamped onto this cuff ..

Check out the images for some of our favourites so far!

The cuffs are solid aluminium, these make gorgeous cuffs, so long lasting, shiny and the stamping makes a great impression.  These are stamped in our favourite all capital FRED font.  Your words will be stamped on the OUTSIDE of the cuff - unless otherwise stated.  We can of course stamp them on the inside, so it is just a message for you - but you need to confirm this at checkout.

The edges of the cuff are textured, to give an extra sparkle.  These are 6 inches long, and a 'one size fits all' design.  The aluminium will not tarnish or rust, and wears fantastically! 

This will be handstamped for you, so please allow 7 - 10 days for your purchase to arrive via Fastway Couriers.

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Sweary Cuff Bracelet

    Seller:Salty As
  • Product Code: SAC015 -RB
  • Availability: 7
  • $45.45

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