• Collapsible menstrual cup

Our fold up menstrual cup is easy to carry and is ideal to discretely have on hand in your bag. Unlike most other menstrual cups, this cup folds up so that it can be carried in the small plastic case or drawstring bag. The cup is one size and has been tested by both women who would usually use the small size cup and those who would use the large size up. This one size cup is slightly smaller in capacity than some cups, but works well for most women. 

Made from clear medical grade silicone. This is a soft cup. It has a stem for easy removal, but many people prefer to remove this. I would recommend trying with the stem to begin with, but if you feel that it is uncomfortable or too long, then trim down or even completely off.

Menstrual cups are worn internally and unlike tampons, they do not absorb the menstrual flow, but rather collect it for easy emptying. Many women find that their cycle becomes shorter and less heavy than when using tampons.

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Collapsible menstrual cup

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