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R18 Homeware & Giftware

You're The S*** Card
You're a Prick Card
You F***er Card
Thinking of You Card
T@%$ Waffle Keyring
T***waffle Card
Slag Bag Card

Slag Bag Card


Shuh Duh Fuh Cup
Sexy Cocktail Sipper
Sexy Apron - Male
Sexy Apron - Female
Santa's S***list Card
Salty Wine Charm Set (6)
Salty As Pet Tag
S*** Happens Mug
Ring for Sex Bell
Pulled a Muscle Mug
Pukana Card

Pukana Card


Pretendinitis Card
Pecker Party Plates
Pecker Party Napkins
Pecker Party Cups
Pecker Eggs Fryer
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