Earrings - under $50

Unicorn Clip-on Earrings
Three Feathers Earrings
Silver earrings
Silver cross earrings
Route 66 & V8 earrings
Round Polymer Clay Studs
Rose Gold Glitter Studs
Rose gold earrings
Rose gold cross earrings
RG Dandelion Earrings
Retro Hoops

Retro Hoops


Poppy Earrings
Pearl Clip-on Earrings
Leopard print studs
Leopard Drop Earrings
Leaf Drop Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Honey Bee Earrings
Heart Clip-on Earrings

Heart Clip-on Earrings

$15.00 $19.00

Gumball Earrings
Gold Rose Earrings
Earrings- mix and match
Earrings - Olive Studs
Earrings - Grey Studs
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