• Thong-G-String Liner

Thong - G-string light liner.

-These are fabulous for everyday wear as a liner. 

-Maybe you exercise and need a little bit of extra protection.

-Oh and fantastic backup to your menstrual cup. 

These liners are totally breathable as I have a cotton topper of printed fabric with one layer of bamboo fleece inside the exposed core.

-Exposed core just means it is sewn to the top of the liner and not hidden inside. 

-The complete liner is 100% cotton. 

-No dry proofing layer in these liners. 

Save yourself from chemicals that are in disposables and also put money back in your wallet by using

products that are reusable.

I have made these liners to measure 19cm in length and 6cm across when snapped.

-Wash with your regular washing. 

-Please don't use softeners as it can build up in the bamboo fleece.  

You can use the dryer on cool to warm to finish the drying. 

A hot dryer will shrink cotton, I won't be responsible for you shrinking them.

Or pop in the hot water cupboard. 

I will gift you a free drying strip to hang them from.

I use NZ Post which comes to your door.

Please select Urban or Rural. Rural is anything with an RD in it.

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Thong-G-String Liner

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