• Delve In Session - Coach

This is the much more intense version of our one hour 'Zoom In' session

This 5 hour total session is for you if you need a more detailed look at your business, where you want it to go, how you want it to grow.

If you know where you want to go but need to nut out how to get there, then this is definitely for you too.

Does your business need a boost, needs an exploration, do you crave clarity and/or require some help to find your business feet?

You have come to the right place!

ANY of our full coaching sessions start with a questionnaire that we will email you - set up in a way where you can just click through questions and add more information there where you want to. You can even do little bits now and come back to the form tomorrow to finish it! (I understand how busy life can get!)

This session starts with a 1.5 hour Skype or Zoom meeting. It is vital we can see each other, I need to be able to read your body language.

I am of course also willing to meet in person, please just use the 'contact seller' button to discuss extra charges for this option (they depend on location)

During this first meeting we will be discussing your business and your personality within your business. We will also discuss your wins, your struggles, your wants, your dreams etc. We will go into detail - be prepared to have a good think and answer questions from angles you might not have thought of before

We will talk strategies, mind sets and mind blocks.

From that meeting I will write you a fully personalised work sheet with plans, suggested strategies and suggested steps to take.

After 3-4 working days we will have another 1.5 hour meeting in which we will discuss the file and have a good discussion on where you want to start. Then we have a brainstorm session - talk about your vision and your dreams in more depth.

After this session your PDF file will be updated and extended - you will get assignments to finish before our next meeting. These assignments will help you focus on those things that will help you focus and reach your dreams.

Another 3-4 working days later follows our next 1.5 hour meeting where we look at your assignments and talk about the work you have done so far - as well as what you need to do to take this hard work into the future; the goal being you will have tools to keep going, even without me!

The last half hour meeting is to review and answer any last questions you have.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a very direct and pragmatic type of coach - Focused on the task at hand and with clarity of a goal during our meetings. I will not be the one giving you answers - opinions and insights, yes - but I will aim to help you FIND your answers so in the future you will know where to go but also; you will have building blocks available to you that will keep your focus clear for you.

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Delve In Session - Coach

  • $230.00

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