Royal Bee

This is the ULTIMATE of The Hive NZ contracts

It offers the most features of all 3 contracts


    • You will get access to your own dashboard which helps you create your own MINI WEBSITE within The Hive's website. You will be able to edit your store page to hold your logo, information about your business, hold your images, etc. The world is your oyster!
    • Your logo will feature on our home page of our website for the duration of you contract. with a link - of course - to your store page.
    • You will be able to set up and edit a gallery on your store page that holds the images you pick - you can even set up multiple and rotate them as you wish! Perfect to show off your customers with your products, to show examples of what you can do OR to add more custom options the customer can choose when ordering one of your products.
    • You can add an unlimited amount of products to sell on your store page and in the website's shop - with the ability to add your own custom drop down menus, text boxes, etc. at no extra charge
    • Your products will automatically appear to the home page of the website, within the categories you chose AND on your store page of course.
    • FREE help with creating and editing your mini website or products when/if you need it. We even offer the option for a phone consult or a video consult to help you. Ideal for those not so confident with website building/creating.
    • Customers are able to leave reviews about your products AND your business directly on the website - this is monitored by our admin team.
    • Your business name will be added and clearly marked as Royal Bee to the A-Z directory of our website (the second most visited page), which will link to your store page on The Hive NZ.
    • Your latest product will be added to The Hive's Facebook shop in the FEATURED section (for as long as this feature exists on Facebook)
    • You will pay NO FEES to us for products sold - only the PayPal fees are deducted as they are charged by them but THAT IS IT!
    • You will be able to set up and offer your own sales, discounts or similar on your products on The Hive's website.
    • In case of services based businesses, Please note; you will only pay Honey Bee fees to receive these Royal Bee features (some terms apply). Also, products can be replaced with text and images - your business will get extra mention on crucial pages and other extra features - please contact us for more info.
    • Your mini website will have buttons that link to your website and social media (if applicable).
    • Any sales or discounts you have (even the ones you have on other platforms) will be posted and promoted on social media.
    • You can have your very own BLOG on our website - THE best way to create a following and connect with your customers. See here what our BLOG section looks like and how your business could fit in.
    • If you're scheduled to go to markets, expos, conventions, etc.; we will have that promoted on social media.
    • You will be added to our behind-the-scenes community. An awesome and very supportive, positive group of advertisers always willing to help each other out.
    • You'll have access to lots of 'how to' files and information vital to running a small business in New Zealand.
    • Have access to a huge source of FREE stock images you are able to use for your blog, social media, advertising, etc.
    • At the bottom of your product listings a selection of your other products will show.
    • Multiple ways are offered to earn extra FREE advertising.
    • and so SO much more!​


    3 Months     NZ$62.00

    6 Months     NZ$109.00

    12 Months     NZ$203.00