Your Rights and Obligations

This file is a work in progress..

Please note that your products should adhere to all NZ standards and laws applicable and we encourage customers to contact you if your product descriptions are not clear whether they comply or not.
It is VERY important that you clarify within your listings whether your product meets the standards and laws - especially items like toys, skincare, nightwear etc. If anything happens to a customer (or their child) YOU will be held liable - NOT The Hive!!
You CAN NOT claim ignorance on this - the courts will expect you to know these things.
We ask our sellers (that’s you!!) to take note of ALL New Zealand law, including the
  • Consumer Guarantees Act,
  • Fair Trading Act,
  • Unsolicited Messages Act,
  • tax and ACC laws,
  • labeling laws,
  • NZ Safety Standards,
  • the Medicines act there where it applies (EG make up and skin care etc.),
  • Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 and AS\NZS 3000;2007
We expect you to be aware you are fully responsible for your own actions, products and listings on our website as clearly stated in our Advertisers Terms & Conditions - which you agreed on when signing up/ registering with us.
Even though we will do all we can to inform and educate our sellers as best as we can, The Hive NZ is not and cannot be held responsible for any seller's products as shown on our website nor seller's decisions in their business/creative process- as also clearly stated in our customer's Terms & Conditions - which they agree with when proceeding with their order.

Want to find out what your obligations are on MULTIPLE fields? Then try this link below - you can fill in a few things and it will list all the obligations that are applicable to you and your business: