Ornaments & More

Yet Another Crochet Cacti
Trio of Glass Icicles
Spider or Fly

Spider or Fly


Special Daddy - Block Set
S.T. Chalk & Cheese Board
Ring Cones

Ring Cones


Remembrance Block Set
Pine Chalk & Cheese Board
Piano Plate

Piano Plate


Perpetual Wooden Calendar
NZKauri Cheeseboard
NZ Rimu Cheeseboard



Gemstone bauble
Dinah Deer Doll
Crochet Cacti

Crochet Cacti


Citrus Cheeseboard
Christmas in Heaven
Christmas Coasters
Chalk & Cheese Board-KT
Best Mums - Block Set
Best Dads Block Set
Anti Valentine's Tile
Another Crochet Cacti
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