Mary Made NZ

Mary Made is a small business that sells crafts made by Mary (and sometimes a couple of her family members). It started when Mary was on maternity leave and realised how much craft materials she had amassed over the years! 

We love to hear your ideas and welcome custom orders! 

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Appliqué Fox Bodysuit
Blue Cat Onesie
Blue Reusable Wipes
Bunny Onesie

Bunny Onesie


Elephant Onesie
Fox Onesie

Fox Onesie


Green Fox Art

Green Fox Art


Grey Reusable wipes
Heat Packs For Eyes
Light Purple Hat
Merino Hat 3 Month Old
Newborn Merino Teal Hat
Pink Cat Onesie
Purple Merino Hat
Reusable Wipes 10 Pack
Teal Duck onesie
Teal Merino Hat
Turquoise Merino Hat
Unicorn Onesie
You're My Star Art
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