Mag-E-Zine is a FREE online magazine all about family, everyday NZ family.
We are not a run of the mill glossy fashion mag, or gossip mag, we are so much more. We are all about having a fun lifestyle and celebrating the best NZ has to offer. 

BUT not just any magazine though, this magazine would be for everyday family and everything in it would come from small NZ business, good old kiwi ingenuity, a community of small business NZ putting together a magazine for you.

Calling all NZ small businesses, we can help promote you. I know first hand the struggles of setting up a business, especially the financial aspect, things are tight, you don’t have the marketing budgets of those big chain stores so in the past advertising in a magazine was out of your reach, not even thinkable but not now! I can guarantee I will have a advertising package to suit any budget!

If you are a small NZ business, blogger or just have the gift of the gab and would like to be involved in our next issue, please contact us.

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