A busy parent with a hectic work life to balance- where is the scope for Date nights or couple time? This was the usual thought process which made me think what can be done to overcome the monotony in routine and reclaim the 'we' time I was craving for. The idea of something handy coming up to you all planned and taken care of excited me but I was not looking for just a bunch of gift items in a box I wanted it to be more functional. Therapeutic and activity-based date night boxes were something I wanted to give a go at..and it was unique idea in that sense for sure! the trial paid off very well since the response from our customers has been phenomenal and a major driving factor in continuous efforts for innovation.

Lovexpresso is all about love! It’s Date night boxes and more with the likes of Star maps, geographic map prints(Inspired by love), emoji gift boxes etc .we also have Subscription Plans to suit your needs plus free consultation for all our customers too. So, when you are ready please come and visit us on our links attached.

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