• Kiki, blue unicorn doll

Kiki is a creative soul. She loves art and drawing. She's never very far from an art gallery or her drawing book! 

Kiki is a one of a kind unicorn doll. She has been hand painted with wash safe paints and glitter. 

Her hair is a mixture of acrylic and wool yarn. Triple sewn before being sewn into the seam. 

She comes with a removable skirt and collar. 

Kiki is one of my standard sized unicorns and is 50cms tall. 

Price includes courier. She is a ready made doll and will be sent off asap. Please allow up to 8 working days just to be safe. 

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Kiki, blue unicorn doll

  • $80.00

Tags: Unicorn, doll, fabric, glitter, handpainted, handmade, Roxanne rose design, NZ, cloth