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We offer very affordable advertising for small kiwi businesses. Not only can people link to your e-mail, or social media - they can also buy your products/services straight from the website.

We are a directory first and foremost - but the bigger we get the higher our sales numbers grow with it :D

Our main goal is to give you lots of exposure, send traffic your way and help you grow your business in an affordable way.

If you want to know more about pricing, click here
Please make sure you have a good browse around to see what the options are. For the best info on pricing and what is included, click here

Have a look around the pages - they will give you a good idea of the different ways of displaying your products / services.

Once you have decided which contract is best for you, head over to our sign up page
We have a few services listed with us and we now offer a free upgrade for services that sign up for a Honey Bee contract. You automatically get the Royal Bee contract so you can put as much information in as you can AND you get to benefit all the extra services we offer Royal Bees!

Other links are set up for you within our shop pages so you still receive similar exposure.

Please DO contact us for more information!
No, no need for a PayPal account.

When the customer pays, it goes to our PayPal account. From there we transfer it to our bank account and then to yours.

We don't deduct any fees on your sales - we only deduct what PayPal took off.
When a customer purchases an item on our website, PayPal charges for the service. The fees depend on the value of the product. Here's a screenshot of their website:
Paypal Fees
We've made it as simple as possible; we forward all the order details to you and require you to send the item(s) within 8 working days OR the time frame as mentioned by you in the product listing.

Once the delivery time has passed and we have confirmation your item(s) has been sent, payment into your account will be scheduled. We allow enough time to guarantee delivery has been made and the customer is happy with the order.
No, The Hive is TRULY about affordability for small businesses and the community we create together.

We use PayPal as a payment system so only their fees as charged to us is what we deduct in a payment to you from your sales.

No hidden costs or surprises.

Below a screenshot of PayPal's website of their fees:
Paypal Fees
No, any size and any type of New Zealand business is welcome. We allow it all and welcome all :)

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