• Energy Support

Energy Support

Dietary supplement – 650mg. 20 Capsules.

Energy Support – New generation energiser aid. This explosive supplement is formulated to help support your bodies energy levels and help re-vitalize your mind. Suitable for use as a pre workout supplement, or whenever you require long lasting jittery free energy support.

Energy support contains a very unique ingredient that has been making waves in the supplement community for the last year. That ingredient is Dynamine. With Dynamine you can expect to experience a boost in physical energy and alertness.

Energy support also contains Theacrine is a plant alkaloid found in Chinese black tea, specifically Kucha tea. Originally the beverage was consumed by monks who used the tea to sustain long periods of meditation.

Theobromine is a fantastic stimulant found in Cacao, it helps support general well being and mood elevation.

200mg Dynamine (N-Methylliberine)
200mg Theacrine (1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid)
250mg Theobromine

Price: $45. Includes tracked overnight courier post.

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Energy Support

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