• Ecobots Trial Pack

Ecobots have been tried and loved by thousands of Kiwi parents. A reliable, straightforward and no-fuss cloth nappy, they are a great choice for your baby. Ecobots are a cotton prefold nappy, with a separate waterproof outer. When you change your babies nappy, you only need to change the cotton prefold insert each time, giving the cover a wipe down unless it is dirty. This makes them particularly ideal for newborn babies, who need changing often. Our trial pack is a fantastic way to give these nappies a go. Each pack comes with a cover, three cotton inserts and a snappi nappy fastener. Choose from: Newborn 2.5 – 4.5 kg (6 – 10 lbs) Small 4.5 – 6 kg (9-14 lb) Medium 6 – 11.5 kg (13-25 lbs) Large 11 – 16 kg (24 – 35 lb)

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Ecobots Trial Pack

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