• Collapsible Menstrual Cup

Our collapsible menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone.

It folds fitting into the plastic carry case for easy storage and so that it is close at hand when out and about. Perfect to keep as a backup cup in your car or handbag. This cup is also ideal to keep in your emergency kit. 

A menstrual cup is a silicone device that is worn internally whilst on your period. Unlike tampons, which absorb liquids this cup collects your menstrual flow. This means that it doesn't dry you out and many people find that their periods will become lighter and more manageable while using a cup.

As the cup can be reused for each period, it soon pays for itself and will save you money over time. 

Available in one size, this seems to work well for most people.

This is a smaller capacity cup than some others but is great to keep on hand when travelling, away from home or as your everyday menstrual cup. It also will fit inside our menstrual cup steriliser when folded up, meaning that you can store them together if you like.

Price includes postage within New Zealand.

Delivery is usually 1-3 working days after placing the order.

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Collapsible Menstrual Cup

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