Charlottes Apothecary

We are a dedicated, small 'whole-listic' - a modern twist on 'holistic', meaning we consider the whole person and their surroundings- business inclusive of all living beings! 
Our purpose is to help guide you through your life path, through Loose Leaf Herbal Teas, Tarot Cards, Aromatherapy and Crystals. 

My daughter, Charlotte, was born with a dairy allergy - and as I breastfed, I needed to adapt my diet for her. My husband came home with a box of 'peppermint tea', as I couldn't drink milky coffee, and for whatever reason, it made me 'giggly' - I was warm, full of smiles and couldn't stop giggling. I had to find out more! Why did this herb have such an effect on me? 

Well, 3 years and 3 degrees later, I'm now a certified herbalist, trained right here in NZ under the late Malcolm Harker (Harker Herbals), and through the Naturopathic college. 

My experience has opened my mind up to the realm of natural healing, and I'm forever willing to share my knowledge with others. 

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