Bee Safe - Buyer Protection

What is "Bee Safe" and how does it protect me as a buyer?

The Hive's "Bee Safe" Buyer Protection program provides buyers and sellers with a trusted process to ensure the exchange of goods and money is safe for both parties. 

"Bee Safe" holds the buyer's money in an account until a nominated time after the transaction is completed. The "Bee Safe" process ensures that the money is not released until both the buyer and seller are happy with the outcome of the transaction. 

All sales via The Hive NZ utilise the Bee Safe Buyer Protection program.

If you wish to lodge a claim after a purchase, please Contact Us with your purchase order number, the product/s you wish to claim for, information about your claim, and any documentation you have to support your claim. We will investigate all claims before making an informed decision.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

As a seller, what does this mean for me?

As a seller, you can be assured that your customers are purchasing from a reputable platform, and that protections are in place for both buyer and seller.

Both buyer and seller can hugely benefit from the "Bee Safe" Buyer Protection program. Should a problem arise, you can trust that The Hive's "Bee Safe" program will investigate all claims made, and a neutral, well informed decision can be made to reach the best possible outcome for both buyer and seller.

A trusted, reputable platform, benefits all sellers in the marketplace, encouraging purchasers to purchase safely and confidently.

Sellers are required to update order history as products are shipped out to purchasers. If no confirmation of order is received by your purchaser, you can expect payment to be made to you approximately eight (8) working days, but no longer than twelve (12) working days, after product has been shipped.

Not updating your order history will result in delays.

Should a claim be placed, you will be advised of this and further instructions will follow.