Baby/Toddler Footwear

To protect little baby feet you need baby shoes of course. Once they start standing up and walking it is so very important to make sure they are wearing good shoes. Many items in this category are handmade. Anything to cover your little one's feet and keep them warm, you can find in here.

All the products for sale on The Hive NZ are by kiwi entrepreneurs. People that need your support to grow their business.

Unicorn Booties/Slip
Ugg Booties

Ugg Booties


Toothless Booties
Sneaker Booties
Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers


Rudolph Booties
Pre Walker Shoes - R
Pre Walker Shoes - M
MADMIA Unicorn Socks
Funky Feet Booties
Flamingo Booties
Crocodile Stitch Boo
Crochet Boho Sandals
Child Goddess Slippe
Bunny Booties

Bunny Booties


Baby Loafers

Baby Loafers


Baby Gift Set - Xbon
Baby Gift Set - Mr F
Baby Gift Set - Mint
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