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At Woohoo NANA working towards a reusable future for our home and yours is my focus.  All my products are here for you to use time after time and if you wish you can pass them on. Because as we teach the kids today, sharing is caring. I use fabrics that are friendly to our bodies. All my products are cotton topped with a bamboo fleece core. I do use PUL (poly laminate) to dry proof all my products. My products are here to help us all on our plastic and chemical free future. And the best advantage of all is the money savings you will have due to reusing each and every one of my products.

I do alot of custom orders. So if you have a specific need you would like please do contact me and lets work together and get it sorted.

I grow the Catnip in my back garden. I don't use any chemicals, just nature. Plus I have two feline supervisors who check that it's up to taste regularly. Like daily regularly.

I use NZ Post.  I allow 5 - 10 working days for your parcel to get to you. I do post all over our beautiful country, and some places take a few extra days. Some products will have coupons for you to use at the checkout. Using the coupons helps reduce the postage if you buy more than one product. 

Please contact me if you are a business wishing to stock my products as I do have wholesale pricing.

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Big Reusable Veggie Bag
Cloth Pad Drying Strip
Dried Catnip

Dried Catnip


Girls Pretty in Pink
Makeup spots sets of 8
Menstrual Cup Pouch
Pirate floor blanket set
Reusable Cloth Wipes
Reusable Food Wraps
Reusable Fruit-Vegie Bags
Reusable H Pad/Liner
Reusable Interlabial Pads
Reusable Vampire 12" Pad
Reusable Wet Bags
Strawberry Fruit bag
Yellow Vegetable bags
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