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Hi I'm Sheenagh of Vintners Hobby Crochet

Crafts and in particular crocheting have been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. Once it was a way to pass the time and as a source of relaxation, it has taken on a life of its own to become Vintners Hobby Crochet.

The source of the name has origins in my background as a qualified winemaker and my career in the wine industry which serves as my day job. 

I was once a wearable artist and thanks to my amazing Grandma and Mum I am able to sew, knit as well as crochet. Crocheting is something that I enjoy because it is a little bit different, and is an art that is slowly being lost. It is also something easy to take with me wherever I am. You will often find me working on an item while waiting in the car or on breaks at work.

I enjoy creating crochet toys, blankets, clothes or anything else you or I could imagine.  

Custom orders are always welcome. Any of my creations can be made in almost any colour you could dream of.

I am step mum to 3 children who often influence what I make and also influence the turnaround times of my products from time to time but currently turnaround is 4-14 days from payment depending on the item and my availability of supplies. 

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