Tautoko Rangatahi Trust

In term one of 2017, 3B Fitness Club, Hawera, established a youth program called BeFitKids. The program is aimed at South Taranaki Children aged between 11 and 17 years old.

During Term 1, the youth attending the program gained so much! Their all round physical and mental health & well-being increased dramatically! By the end of the term, the children found their sense of purpose, they found discipline, their nutrition improved, and both their Mental and Physical fitness had improved drastically!

Sadly, due to financial strain, some families have been unable to commit to the program further, and new children have been unable to start their journey. With this in mind, and the sheer benefits our Youth can gain from this amazing program, Tautoko Rangatahi was formed. We will enable our youth to continue their journeys to greatness, and encourage new participants to begin theirs! Our goal is to assist Youth into the BeFitKids program, and eliminate the financial strain associated with it.

So what does Tautoko Rangatahi mean? In a nutshell it means "To support our youth"

(verb) to support, prop up, verify, advocate, accept (an invitation), agree.

(noun) younger generation, youth.

Donations are gratefully accepted.
Please make your donations to our bank account:
Tautoko Rangatahi
TSB Bank

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