ShedThreadz is a clothing line inspired by Shed Hands working in the shearing industry. Hard wearing and comfortable, ShedThreadz has you covered, whether in the shed, out on the farm, or at the rugby.
There are a few rural brands around these days, but ShedThreadz point of difference is that we provide sports performance clothing, with a focus on comfort, durability and wearability.
Because, well, rural people move and sweat like hard core gym junkies, and we need clothing that is up to the task!
ShedThreadz range includes: Hoodies, Singlets, Shearing Singlets, Leggings and shorts in a variety of styles, suitable for both men and women.

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Aztec Leggings
Aztec Slim Hoodie
Grey Half Leggings
Hooded Tee

Hooded Tee


Men's Cotton Singlet
Men's Quickdry Singlet
Men's Shorts

Men's Shorts


ShedThreadz Unisex Hoodie
Unisex Short Sleeve Hoodie
Women's Cotton Singlet
Women's Quickdry Singlet
Women's Shorts
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