Salty As

Handstamped jewellery and 'stuff' for those who like 'salty' language.

SALTY - lively, vigorous, spirited, colourful, sparkling, spicy, sharp, punchy ...

SALTY AS - handstamped jewellery and stuff - say it how it is!

Handstamped in our studio in Cambridge, Waikato

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Awesome Keyring
B@#% Pendant

B@#% Pendant


Bats#%$t Crazy Pendant
C*&^ Womble Keyring
Cluster F#$% Bar Pendant
Dont be a ... Keyring
F#% it etc Keyring
F#^%ity Keyring
F*#$ity  Pendant
For (FOX) Sake Pendant
His & Hers Wine Charms
I dont give a flying f#$@
I'm a B*#$*@ Pendant
Majestic as F#@$ Pendant
Salty As Pendant
Sweary Cuff Bracelet
WTF Pendant

WTF Pendant


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