Embrace motherhood while staying wise. 

GENTLY welcome baby earthside with handmade umbilical cord ties, cleansing mist and all natural, no nasties balms.
NOURISH your own body and mind with our bath soaks, perineum misters and no nasties balms and perfumes.


We have changed to using flat rate postage with Pass the Parcel (courier delivery), we have adjusted the prices of products to reflect this.  Changing the descriptions takes a bit longer and we are still updating these.

For the Umbilical Cord Ties there is a standard post option (envelope with stamp - AT BUYERS RISK), we accept no responsibility for any loss that may occur if you choose this postage option.


Umbilical cord ties handmade from cotton or muka (from NZ Harakeke/Flax) and gemstones. 

They are soft on babies skin and make a beautiful keepsake. 

If you choose to bury the pito/dried cord along with the whenua/placenta, these cord ties will biodegrade.


A hand blended mix of epsom salts, himalayan pink salt, sodium bicarbonate, oils, herbs, flowers and essential oils. 

Blends available for pregnancy, labour and after the birth.

We also have a 'Babes Blend' that is safe for baby & mum so you can enjoy a bath together - babies love it.


A soothing manuka hydrosol blend with aloe vera, castor oil and essential oils. 

These ingredients are known for their antibacterial, antispetic and soothing properties. 

We have a 'After-Babe' mist for the perineum area and a 'Nakie Babe' mist for your baby's nappy area.


A blend of oils and essential oils to help moisterise and sooth. 

We have a variety of balms available - Beautiful Belly Balm for some belly lovin', solid perfumes for long-lasting aromas and healing kawakaw for those itchies, bumps & bruises.  

A little about our 'why'....

Kia ora,

I am a Mum to four kiddies and I am also a Childbirth Educator - yes I love babies & birth!

And, we all know there is something a little bit special about bringing a child into the world. 

I have been highly conscious that there is so much pressure to get back to normal ASAP after the birth, to get on with things and to cope with whatever else we have on our plate. 

We have lost so many traditions of nourishing our mind and body and mothering the mother at this important time. 

Babies are exposed very early on to a whole range of unnatural/man-made items that may not necessarily be the best thing in long run.  

We have also lost traditions of respecting the whenua/placenta and umbilical cord that has provided baby with all they need while in the womb. 

Sage Babes is a stepping stone in helping to revive that, with products that can help bring an element of care, respect & nourishment back to childbirth, peepi and the postpartum period.

I love helping parents to make this time special, if you have something in mind but don't see it in our shop, feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.

Peace out,

Kyra - Sage Babes

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