Raising Rainbows Ltd

Hi… I’m Terri the owner and Founder of Raising Rainbows Ltd which has been in the making ever since we had our first born in 2012,
and this is our journey and the reason I started this all...

Before our first born I lost 4 precious little angel babies in the space of 2 years. It hurt more than I can ever put into words. A baby after a loss is called a Rainbow baby but, in all honesty, I consider each of my daughters a rainbow baby. They are each a miracle to me. I never expected to be blessed with one child, let alone three! 

Coming from a place of knowing this pain, I decided to study to become a birth and bereavement doula and happiest baby specialist. I wanted to give mothers the support that I had so desperately craved. Having 3 little kiddies I can’t currently commit to being a doula, but I am still finding the need inside me to support bereaved mothers and those expecting their precious rainbows.

This journey has lead us to be eco-conscious parents who wanted to do our best in preserving our environment and to do so using locally, ethically, organic, eco-friendly and reusable products.

We are so very excited about our journey and in working alongside some incredible professionals who I know you will all love as much as we do. 

Terri is a qualified Birth and bereavement doula & Certified Happiest Baby Educator to which we offer services for as well.

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