RJ Jewellery

RJ Jewellery was born from necessity and soon became my passion. Hi, I'm Miranda. I am RJ Jewellery. RJ stands for Raspberry Jelly, a nickname given to me by one of my great uncles when I was a child as my name is Miranda-kelly Raspberry Jelly. Over time RJ has refined and become a brand to itself. 
I produce many items of Jewellery and accessories, from Necklaces, to earrings; Keyrings to Bookmarks and many many more items. My specialty is in Sterling Silver .925, Gold and Rose Gold filled. But I also do many birthstone jewellery items as well and new to RJ is Cremation or keepsake Jewellery, these have little hollows inside the pendants that you can add your own special piece of memory, seal it tight and keep it close.
There are only a few items on this page about what I make, I am not limited to these or the items on my website. Please contact me if you'd like me to make you something special.

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