PS Glitter Makes it Better

PS Glitter Makes It Better is a fun and twinkly accessories small business made from a love of all things that sparkle.

Each piece is handmade in Christchurch with glitter, sprinkles, or pearly delights and resin.

Ready to ship items are created using custom mixed glitter which makes them unique pieces.

*Pieces to inspire, enchant and fascinate*

Add sparkle and a smile to your day with a new piece from PS Glitter Makes It Better.

****Shipping Discounts****

Two Items Discount use code GMB2

Three Items Discount use code GMB3

Four Items Discount use code GMB4

Five Items Discount use code GMB5

Use these codes at checkout

If you wish to purchase more than five items with PS Glitter Makes It Better

please message for a discount code

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Aqua Blue Mermaid Tail
Aqua Cactus Key Ring
Aqua Mermaid Tail
Aqua Pink Mermaid Tail
Aqua Small Mermaid Tail
Black Cactus Key Ring
Black Pineapple Key Ring
Blue Cactus Key Ring
Blue Green Cactus KeyRing
Blue Green Mermaid Tail
Blue Pineapple Key Ring
Blue Pink Mermaid Tail
Blue Small Mermaid Tail
Blue White Mermaid Tail
Bronze Cactus Key Ring
Bronze Pink Key Ring
Bronze Small Mermaid Tail
Dark Galaxy Key Ring
Dark Galaxy Mermaid Tail
Dark Green Cactus KeyRing
Dark Green Mermaid Tail
Dark Purple Mermaid Tail
Frosty Blue Mermaid Tail
Frosty Small Mermaid Tail
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