Nix Dungeon

Nix Dungeon is a primarily web-based business dedicated to our tastes in funky/punk clothing and other novelty items.

Offensive & "Different" Styled clothing a plenty.

Ordering multiple items from Nix Dungeon in the same order?

We offer flat rate shipping across our products! Shipping prices are built into our product costs.
To take advantage of our shipping discounts for your second and subsequent item purchased from Nix Dungeon, please use the following coupon codes at Checkout:

2 Nix Dungeon items ordered = $6.50 discount - Use code NXD2
3 Nix Dungeon items ordered = $13 discount - Use code NXD3
4 Nix Dungeon items ordered = $19.50 discount - Use code NXD4
5 Nix Dungeon items ordered = $26 discount - Use code NXD5

If you wish to order more than 5 items from us in one order, please contact us to organise an appropriate discount code
(Note: only one of the above coupon codes will be accepted at checkout, Nix Dungeon reserves the right to decline/reverse coupon codes if purchase minimums have not been met)

Nix Dungeon utilises Pass the Parcel courier service for all shipments throughout NZ.
Please allow up to 3 business days for order processing (unless otherwise stipulated), and up to 3 business days for shipping.

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"*UNT" Mug

"*UNT" Mug


"Bitch" Mug

"Bitch" Mug


"Don't Be" Twin Pack
"F'n F F'ety F" Mug
"Fox Sake" Mug
"Lady C. McFuckoff" Mug
"Red Rose" Gothic Lolita
"Sir C. McFuckoff" Mug
"STFU" Mug

"STFU" Mug


All Together Serve Board
Amazeballs Card
Attitude Adjusting Device
Bag of Dicks Card
Be a Unicorn Card
But I C**t Sequin Cushion
C***cake Card

C***cake Card


C**tasaurus Mug
C**tcake Sequin Cushion
C-Section Card
Congratulations Card
Custom Birth Ruler
Custom Bottle Opener
Custom Chop/Serve Board
Custom Lithophane Lamp
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