My Kiwi Play Box

My Kiwi Play Boxes contain developmentally appropriate toys for children, as well as a developmental guide for easy reference. Through research the composition of each box is carefully selected to help your child reach what they are striving for. The majority of toys are then sourced from and in support of small NZ owned businesses, with some toys having been manufactured by hand.

Charmaine founded My Kiwi Play Box coinciding with her third child, Amber turning 1 in 2016.  She knew with the joyful chaos of parenting it is not always easy to find the right toys at the right time to help a child develop. She also knew that she could fill this demand, while still having the flexibility to be there for her children and fully utilise her degree in Educational Psychology.

We have 4 types of Play Boxes –

  • My Kiwi Play Boxes are our primary play boxes for all stages of development.
  • My Mini Play Boxes are smaller versions of our My Kiwi Play Boxes.
  • My Play-It-Forward Boxes  are boxes that give back to a charity or foundation and linked in concept to that cause.
  • My Heritage Boxes are designed with our diverse heritage in mind.



We support NZ businesses – please note on occasion some toys may be substituted depending on availability

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