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Lil Moo specialise in "Grow With ME" clothing for kids aged NB to 12 years. We pride ourselves in customising you a look at suits your little ones personality and their creative sideKids grow that is inevitable! Why not get a piece of clothing that will expand with them. Lil moo's grow-with-me range does exactly that.

“Who knows best but mum!”

How do they actually work? The hoddies and pants/harems have waistbands and cuffs that roll up or down with your child. Rompers have ties on the sides that you can let out, cuffs that roll up and down, finished off with 2 snaps. 

Custom orders take 5-10 working days to dispatch.

Need a little convincing? Here are some customer Testimonials  

We totally love our grow with me hoodie from Lil Moo HQ! Beautifully crafted and such great qualify. Thanks so much Kat! My daughter is going to be rocking it for a good few years. -Tamlyn
Love the Harlem shorts I've got from lil moo hq and can't wait for my next order to arrive! The quality is amazing! - Brooke
I can always rely on Lil Moo for amazing attention to detail and gorgeous designs! -Terri
I got a custom order made and absolutely love It! Quick turn around, much quicker than I thought as I ordered 4 items! Beautiful clothing, you have such a talent! Thank you so much. -Candice

Kat- Lill Moo Christchurch, New Zealand

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