Industrial Chic Jewellery

I created Industrial Chic Jewellery as I love being creative & getting to make one of a kind items.

I love being able to make something beautiful from items that would normally never get used for fashionable items such as the jewellery we make.

I make each item by hand in my office using quality sourced parts.

All items are hand stamped by me. Because I am human and not a machine, not every letter or design will be the same exact depth, or spaced exactly the same.

That would take away the beauty of handmade & one of a kind items.

We are always open to ideas from you & would love to hear any suggestions that you might have for your own unique piece.

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Bird Studs

Bird Studs


Dandelion Cuff Bangle
Dandelion Studs
Drive Safe Keyring
Hammered Disc Earrings
Textured Cuff Bangle
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