In Your Business Coach

When you're thinking about starting a business or you have JUST started one, it can be really lonely in a way....

You wonder where to go next, how to get past just creating and selling to family and friends.

The same goes for small businesses that have been around for a while... you wonder how to take it to the next level... where to go next to grow it even bigger.

This is where 'In Your Business Coach', comes in! I help you make sense of your process.
We can help you find where you are, where you want to go and help you find the tools that suit you perfectly.

Not one business and definitely not one business owner is the same - so we celebrate that with you and help you focus on your strengths while finding you tools to empower you in your weaknesses.
We all have them you know... but it is all about how you handle them that matters.

I pride myself for my DIRECT and HONEST approach - I dig down deep if I have to and am never fearful to talk about any subject.
I DO get into your business, there's no pussy-footing around here, the language can get salty at times but there is a massive amount of respect and trust built throughout the process.

It is all about helping you grow your business, finding out where you can go with your business and helping you see how you can achieve it.

I'd never just want you to sign up without knowing if I am a right fit for you so for only $10 you can purchase a 15min phone session with me -
so we can talk a bit about your business, what you are looking for and what I can do for you.
From that you can then decide if you want to book more time 

I then offer (a combination of) video, email and chat sessions - totally dependent on YOUR preference.
After each session you will receive an overview of what was discussed and the steps/plans we discussed.
When you have chosen an even more in-depth program with me, you will also get work sheets and personal training sessions catered for you and your business.

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