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****All online, doesn't matter where you are****

What will it take to get you more active?

  • Back to living your life.
  • Playing with the kids more.
  • Spending more quality time with your loved ones, instead of hiding away feeling miserable?
  • Doing actual, intended exercise.
  • Back to loving yourself again.

Do you remember, as a little girl, you didn’t have a care in the world. You were oblivious to the problems of the world, the feeling of judgement (real or imagined), you never gave a thought to whether others were judging you for what you looked like, what you wore or what you did; You just did whatever the hell you wanted, whatever made you feel good. Being active was FUN, not something we had to do, just to look good or to feel we deserved to wear a bikini.

So why did it change? When did we suddenly start worrying about what everyone else thought, or feeling so unhappy with what we look like, what we are? When did exercise become a chore?

Make yourself a priority. It’s not selfISH, it’s self CARE.

I’m not here to turn you into a super athlete or a bikini babe (for what it’s worth, everyone is a bikini babe. Just put that bikini on and rock it, babe.)

I’m here:

To get you off the couch, to help you enjoy exercising and to gently remind you of just how much better in yourself you can feel when you are active.

To get you making better food choices, to help you remove the food guilt.

To remind you that you are beautiful at any size, that yes, you probably will lose a few kg on this programme, and if that’s your goal, fantastic, but it’s not about that. If you love yourself more, those around you will be happier for you putting the time into yourself again, being kinder to yourself.

To gently remind you that movement is important. If you prefer to move by going for a walk each day, rather than use the programmes I provide, that’s ok, so long as you are moving. 

To check in with you regularly, and to make sure you are motivated and keeping on with what you set out to do. Your own personal exercise buddy, who will never judge you for your choices, but suggest ways to build on your progress each week, and help you keep going.

You are important, and you are so worth it.

So what’s it all about?

10 weeks, starting in early June 2019. All online, so you can be anywhere, and do this whatever time of day works for you.

A supportive group setting with only ladies in the current programme, so you all understand what each of you is doing for yourself.

Nutritional guidance – recipes, suggestions for easy, subtle changes that can make a BIG difference to your nutrition. My Fitness Pal tracking together is also an option.

Fortnightly exercise programmes, by a qualified Coach (That’s ME) These can be beginner, intermediate or advanced, they can use body weight only if you have no equipment at home or dumb bells, or a gym programme – whatever works for you, we will make it work.

Access to my Member Only section of the website (always being upgraded and improved), where there is more recipes, programmes and advice. 

Weekly 1-1 check ins, via messenger, email or text to make sure that you are doing what you set out to do, make any tweaks to your programme if needed.

Weekly fitness challenges within the group.

Someone who REALLY GETS IT helping you along the way. I’m on my own journey right now, I understand exactly how hard it is to put yourself first, to eat well, to exercise, to lose weight. I understand, and I can help you change that.

Want to join us? I can’t wait to chat with you and help you get started on your way to a Happier, Healthier, Fitter YOU.

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Happier, Healthier, Fitter

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