Are you really LIVING? Or just existing?

If you're just sitting around all day, feeling miserable,

  • Too tired to go out.
  • Can't be bothered eating decent food.
  • Never exercise.
  • Don't like yourself that much.
  • No energy.
  • Never "in the mood"

Maybe it's time to do something for about it? To do something for you?

The next online round of Happier Healthier Fitter begins on Monday September 9. It's 10 weeks long, all online, and focuses on what YOU need to get out of it. Maybe you want someone to gently nag you into moving more? Perhaps you just need to make some better food choices, or get more sleep.

I can help! 

For 10 weeks we work together (along with other ladies, also taking part) and we talk daily via a Facebook group, as well as 1-1 each week, and weekly informative emails. At the beginning you get a checklist, to which you can tick off as many or as few tasks as you like each day. Obviously the more you tick off, the better, but this isn't a restrictive/over the top kind of programme. It's all about YOU and what you can commit to long term. 

You get workouts, recipes, accountability, but most of all, it's that support. That cheerleader coaxing you along to get the best results possible.

So what do you think? Want to join us for the next round? 


Nikki is so helpful and supportive! She is great at modifying programs and her approach to individual needs. With her help via Happier Healthier Fitter I have formed some great habits and met many of my goals, but most importantly, I have developed a better, healthier attitude to food and exercise. I'm feeling so positive and am so thankful to Nikki for this!


I have been a member of Happier Healthier Fitter for the last 12 weeks AND it is the best program I have been a part of! So good in fact I have joined Round 2.

Nikki is great at giving you that little push that is needed sometimes without being over the top. The support from her and other participants has been what has got me through and making positive changes in my life. If you want to fit exercise, food, positive thinking into your busy lives then this 12 week challenge is perfect all done online, in the time you can spare. I can not wait to take my new found knowledge to the next round and make my life better. Thank you so much Nikki for being supportive, positive, on the same level as us and fun! I might of made the changes but you help me keep them!

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Happier Healthier Fitter

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