Father's Day

It is that time to give dad a special boost, to thank him for all he does for you, for your family and maybe even friends?

The men in our lives also love getting spoiled and this category helps you do it!

By shopping on our website you know you are supporting small kiwi businesses - they thrive because of The Hive!

PLEASE NOTE: all our products have a delivery time listed in their description, please take not of it BEFORE ordering.

Tea-Rex Mug

Tea-Rex Mug


Stop Pain 250ML
Stop Pain 125ML
Special Daddy - Block Set
Sky Spa Set

Sky Spa Set


Salty Fathers Day Keyring
Personalised Pocket Knife
Personalised Hammers
Perfect Duo

Perfect Duo


Notebook Cover Set
Measures Up Keyring
Guitar Pick Pouch Keyring
Guitar Keyring
Goodlook Wax

Goodlook Wax


Forest Spa Set
Fish Hook Keyring
Fathers Day Keyring
Father's Day Gift Tee
Dog Tag Pendant
Dog Tag Keyring
Dads Hold Our Hands Print
Dad/Grandad/Koro tee
Dad Print

Dad Print


Custom Printed Dad Mugs
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