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Welcome to 'Once upon a story'

This is my version of story stones.

Oral storytelling is a fun way for children to use their imagination and creativity as well as develop early literacy and numeracy skills. Learning by stealth, I like to call it! 

I have a range of traditional stories that most children will be familiar with; these are good ones to start with so they get the idea of what to do. I also have sets based on particular themes.  These are more open-ended and encourage the children (and adults!), to think more and come up with imaginative storylines. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s how to use them…

Put all the story starters in the bag and give it a good shake!

Choose a way to start the story…”Once upon a time…” or “One day, something amazing happened…”

Pull one of the story starters out of the bag and put it where everyone can see it.

Let your imagination go wild!  Describe what you can see and begin to weave the layers of the story.

All the players take turns to pull a story starter from the bag and add to the story until they are all gone.

Handmade from untreated plywood and sealed with non-toxic PVA glue.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Each set has 10 different story starters and they come in a handy calico storage bag.

$13.50 per set.  

Nationwide postage included.  Order more than 1 set, pay no extra postage!

Sets in stock can be posted immediately.  If not, I can make the required sets and post them within a week.

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Down on the farm

  • $13.50

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