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Dinnie Dimples - the Clothing Boutique

Welcome to my online boutique

All items are handmade by me right here in New Zealand. 

Most of my creations are one off pieces or occasionally I may offer a few in different sizes,  but no two pieces are ever identical.

Most of my fabrics are custom printed with limited availability,  therefore only a few garments can be made. 

I currently have children's and women's clothes in my shop,  but will be shortly adding mens items as well

I love to create and enjoy a challenge,  so if you are after something custom made and can't find it, feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas - I would love to help. 

If you can imagine it then I will create it just for you 

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Beauty Hair Tie Set
Butterfly Hair Tie Set
Dragon Sparkle Baby Set
Dragon sparkle dress
Funky Feet Booties
Glitter, Sparkles & Twirl
Kiwi As Romper
Llama Merino Lined Beanie
LOL Dolls Hair Ties
Merino Lined Baby Beanie
Merino Lined Whale Beanie
Mermaid Hair Tie Set
Roll Up Car Mat
Star Wars Beanie
Toothless Booties
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