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Dinnie Dimples - the Clothing Boutique

Welcome to my online boutique

All items are handmade by me right here in New Zealand. 

Most of my creations are one off pieces or occasionally I may offer a few in different sizes,  but no two pieces are ever identical.

Most of my fabrics are custom printed with limited availability,  therefore only a few garments can be made. 

I currently have children's and women's clothes in my shop,  but will be shortly adding mens items as well

I love to create and enjoy a challenge,  so if you are after something custom made and can't find it, feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas - I would love to help. 

If you can imagine it then I will create it just for you 

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Dragon sparkle dress
Floral Skulls Beanie
Harry Potter Beanie
Harry Potter F Beanie
LOL dolls Beanie
Princess T shirt

Princess T shirt

$26.00 $29.00

Toddler Beanie
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