Dandelion Date in a Box

Dandelion Date in a Box is in the game of making all your date night wishes come true™.

Everyday life can get so crazy, with busy schedules, so much to do, yet so little time.
You don’t know where you’ll find the time to run all the errands,
not even mentioning time to plan the perfect date night.

No need to worry. 

Dandelion Date in a Box specialises in designing themed pre-planned date night boxes that get delivered straight to your door. 
Now you have no more excuses for not making date night the priority it’s meant to be.

Do you want in on a couple of little secrets? 
- No babysitter required, just grab your 'Date in a Box' when the munchkins have been put to bed
- Each and every box that gets send out gets personalised because YOU deserve to feel like a superstar
- Special requests are always welcome.

Helping couples across New-Zealand rediscover their relationships and make date night the priority it's meant to be.

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