Dandelion Date in a Box

Dandelion Date in a Box is in the game of making all your date night wishes come true™

Your date night worries are now a thing of the past!

Mission Statement:
Helping couples across New-Zealand to rediscover their romantic relationships
and make date night the priority it's meant to be.

* Special requests are always welcome. *

Customer Reviews:

What a couple of our happy customers had to say:

  • We really loved that it gave us the opportunity to sit down together and talk....about other things than work and being busy! We love coffee and it was fun to take some time to actually think about the flavours and mouth feels and what we like about it. And it started conversations on some stories we didn't know about each other, go coffee ha! It was refreshing to have us time minus making reservations, getting in the car, finding parking and all the other stresses that can make Date night a mish. Your relationship is worth it, get a Date in a Box and enjoy. - Estelle Clifford from The Hits Radio Station

  • I recently bought the adventure awaits box for a surprise date night with my husband before he went overseas for 3 weeks. We had so much fun, lots of laughs, it was nice to just sit and chat, do something a bit different, and we didn’t even need to get a babysitter or leave home. Loved all the personal touches and the thought that went into putting the box together. The presentation was lovely. Looking forward to trying out another box in the future. - Anneke Bhat

  • Absolutely perfect!!! Thought of everything and gave us the tools to create a perfect date night. The personal touches bought a tear to my eye. Can't wait till silly season is over and we can get more date nights. - Sarah Carey

  • My partner and I got the coffee lovers dateinabox since we both love coffee and our first ever date was at a coffee shop and we were blown away with everything that came. We opened the box and inside was a little letter addressed to both of us with our names on it, we knew then it was special. The coffee was divine, they included a plunger and 2 coffee mugs we could decorate. There were fun coffee facts to talk about between each other and even a neat little coffee card game. The whole experience was perfect and I haven't stopped recommending these guys to everyone I know. Looking forward to what's in store in the next box. - Richard Davis 

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In ultimate worst-case scenarios, rural deliveries (as defined by the courier company) can take up to 7 business days. 

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