Briny Blue Candles

 At Briny Blue Candles I am passionate about making beautifully scented candles. 

Each Soy Candle is hand poured with love by myself, Trish Hutchinson, in small batches here in Tauranga in the stunning Bay of Plenty. 

'Puddles of Yumminess' 

* Hand Poured Soy Candles * Small Batches * Puddles of Yumminess * Home Decor Range * Wanderer Range * Intention Chakra Range *

* Meditation * Mini Diffusers * Seasonal Mosaics *

 * 100% Natural Plant Based Soy Wax

* Candle wicks made from pure cotton with a paper core and a paper braid running through the wick which helps to deliver a more
complete combustion and a cleaner burn

* Highly purified fragrance oils guaranteed to be 100% Phthalate free




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