Baby Essentials

The items you really need when you have a baby. So the things that make your life with a baby much easier. Things like carriers, reusable products like food pouches or food wraps and of course things like nappies and wipes.

All the products in The Hive's shop are by small New Zealand businesses. When you shop on our website, you support a small business owner and help them grow their business.

Woodland Triangles Bib
Wolf Bib

Wolf Bib


Wet Bag Large

Wet Bag Large


Waterproof Camo Coveralls
Turquoise Merino Hat
Trackie Set - Whales
Toddler Beanie
Tee Pees

Tee Pees


Supermarket Trolley Cover
Star Wars Beanie
Stag Baby Onesie
Spike the Stegosaurus
Slouch Beanie - Pinks
Shark Snack Bag
Sensory Ball

Sensory Ball


Robbie the Robot
Reusable Wipes 10 Pack
Reusable Nursing Pads
Pull Up Cloth Nappy
Pull Along Buzzy Bee Toy
Pregnancy Milestone Cards
Pre Walker Shoes - Raccoon
Pre Walker Shoes - Mint
Pre Order Special!
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