This is the ever versatile detox mask

- removes infection and gunk from sores and spots

- cleans and freshens teeth when used as a tooth paste, without the chemicals

- works like a sponge once mixed with water - the clay and charcoal multiplies in size to absorb all the nasties

- removes stains from teeth and armpits, leaving you with a fresh, clean feeling

- detoxs the insides when consumed with water

- removes the sting out of bites and stings when used in a paste

- helps remove the build up of heavy metals in the system - deodorants, free radicals etc

- clears and cleans problem skin

- excellent for hormonal spots on pre/teens

- safe on animals

Contains bentonite clay, activated charcoal and turmeric

Approx 60gm in a pot, with instructions

$16.50 will get you a pot and it delivered to you, within 5 days

rural is extra

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Detox Mask

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