Anna Key

Anna.Key is my diverse character where I create art, accessories and all natural skincare

I am a mixed media artist and thrive in sculpture, I have won a few awards when at art school at Aoraki Polytech (Ara) and I have been creating since 2010 and this has helped with my anxiety.

Over the past couple of years, I've been focusing more on the chemicals that come in to my house and on my family and I have decreased these exponentially.

What I have found are many amazing products, that keep my family happy and healthy and I now share  these creations with others (friends, family and now customers). This has opened up new creations and design for me, which I'm happy with, because it's not just about making money, but helping the environment and sharing the wealth of knowledge for more natural products

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Abstract Painting R+B
Activated  Charcoal Soaps
Anti Valentine's Tile
Black and Red Leather Bag
Blue and Green Bag
Citrine Crystal Necklace
Clear Quartz Barette clip
Co-ordinates Keyring
Constellation Wall Art
Detox Mask

Detox Mask


Galaxy Soap

Galaxy Soap


Gardener's Skin Kit
Green Envy Mask/Scrub
Hair and Face Serum
Leather stamped keyring
Magnesium Oil Spray
Spiced Vanilla Bath soak
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